Creating Illusions

Setting the stage

Master Works™ M1 is a two component, pH-neutral acrylic polymer/mineral system that can be hand and spray laminated, cast and injected and is used to build complex stage architecture, finely detailed film sets and props and highly durable sets for ongoing TV productions.

This versatile product can be moulded for multiple production, sprayed onto most substrates and is a universal material for film set builders. It is fire resistant, impact resistant and does not require specialist fabricator training or expensive construction equipment.

Master Works™ M1 provides a fire-resistant coating for EPS and styrofoam.


Themed buildings

Master Works™ M1 extreme versatility allows a set designer free range to be creative. Cast panels, modular building systems, colour pigmentation during mixing, plus no limit to casting mass means the wildest fantasy themes are now affordable and simple to construct.

The material is ideal for casino and theme park use Master Works™ M1 offers excellent impact resistance while laminates constructed with Master Works™ Multi-Axial Reinforcement Fabric offer significantly enhanced tensile strength and flexural properties ideal for set building.

Master Works™ M1 replaces conventional resins, GRC and other cementitious products.



Master Works™ M1 is ideal for creating replicas of surface textures. It can be moulded to form textured panels or to replicate sculpted stone and can be sprayed over EPS or styrofoam substrates to simulate rock formations, steel structures and concrete slabs.

The material can be coloured using Master Works™ M Series Pigmentation and can be used as a replacement for marble and sculpted stone. It provides a durable, water resistant surface for almost all internal and external structures. If used externally we recommend the application of Master Works™ Sealer.

Master Works™ M1 is supplied in manageable pack sizes suitable for both location and studio use.


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