Master Works™ M1

Master Works™ M1 is a water based resinous material that can be faced with epoxy (gelcoat) for use as tooling for advanced composites such as epoxy carbon pre-pregs and resin infusion. It is suitable for all resin systems.

The epoxy facing delivers high chemical tolerance and temperature resistance without the cost of epoxy throughout the tool. Master Works™ M1 is water based and fire-resistant.


Master Works™ M2

Master Works™ M2 is a low toxicity, acrylic mineral composition, formulated as a milling media for the manufacture of patterns (plugs) and designed to be compatible with existing Master Works™ spray equipment.

When applied over rough milled EPS or other substrates to provide a variable thickness surface coating, Master Works™ M2 can be machined to a high quality surface that offers excellent edge definition and will not evolve dust or vapours during the machining process.

Master Works™ M2 has a specific gravity of 1kg/L (62lb per cu. ft.)


Handling & Mixing

Master Works™ M1 and M1 are shipped in easy to move and manage pails. The product is safe to handle, pleasant to work with and virtually odourless.

Master Works™ M Series products are supplied as two liquid components that must be thoroughly mixed together in a simple volume ratio. Master Works™ offers two effective mixing options: High shear mixing blades that fit into a variable spe ed drill or a powerful dedicated mixing machine.

Master Works™ M1 setting time can be controlled with Master Works™ Control Additives and can be coloured using Master Works™ M Series water based pigmentation.


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