Architectural Features & Classic façades

Master Works™ M1 is a durable multi-purpose, non-combustible, water-based resinous material suitable for decorative architectural works, building systems and reproduction castings.

The material can be coloured using Master Works™ M1 M series pigmentation and can be used as a replacement for marble and sculpted stone. Master Works™ M1 offers excellent impact resistance and UV stability. Laminates constructed with Master Works™ Multi-Axial Reinforcement Fabric offer significantly enhanced tensile strength and flexural properties.

Master Works™ M1 replaces conventional resins, GRC and other cementitious products and provides fire protection for insulation foams and insulated concrete forms (ICF).


Public areas

Master Works™ M1 is an extremely versatile, fire-resistant material suitable for decorative building panels, cast objects and architectural detailing.

Highly suitable for replicating expensive surfaces and finishes, Master Works™ M1 can be used to create external and interior features and detailing. The material is water resistant, but if used externally we recommend the application of Master Works™ Sealer.

Master Works™ M1 has been formulated to be non-combustible and will meet most local standards.


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